History of Sewing Needles

The modern day sewing needles come with many attributes as seen in the earlier post on sewing needles attributes. This was not the case for the sewing needles, they were rugged and were used for a single utility.

In this post we will see the history of sewing needles

Bone Sewing Needle

  • History dates back to 28000 B.C. The earliest known sewing needle is developed in Aurignacia. Hand crafted and made of bones, the needle has a split head instead of an eye.
  • The early needles were hand-made out of bone, over 17000 years ago by Western Europeans and Central Asians. It was used for sewing skins and furs.
  • 17500 B.C – The first needles with eyes emerge.
  • 7000 B.C – Copper needles are produced in Armenia.
  • 2500 B.C – Bronze needles are born.
  • 1195 B.C – Secret of hardening iron reaches Europe from India.
  • 500 B.C – The drawing plate is used for producing wire.
  • 60 A.D – Phrygier is credited with discovering embroidery.
  • 1200 A.D – The needle is advertised for the first time in China.
  • 1496 – Leonardo da Vinci constructs a machine to point sewing needles.
  • 1615 – Aachen shows the way by making needles from fine, pure steel.
  • 1730 – Stephan Beissel founds a needle factory in Aachen, Germany.
  • 1755 – First ever patent is awarded for a needle with an eye.
  • 1790 – Thomas Saint applies for a patent for a machine to sew shoes.
  • 1811 – Abel & Michael Morall are the first to construct a device for the pressing of eyes.
  • 1845 – Elias Howe & Singer invent the sewing machine.

Modern Sewing Needles

The transformation of the humble needles has been from a tool that helped join two materials to what is now an art. Take a closer look at these modern day needles and you sure would be amazed at the art work behind it.

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